Tattoo You The Film

An Award-Winning Short Film

Share Your Scars

  • Do you remember being bullied as a kid? Or were you a bully?         
  • Did this experience impact you as an adult, and if so, how
  • Do you every think of confronting your past bullying experiences?        
  • If you were a bully and/or bullied, do you ever think of       apologizing or reconciling?
  • Did your experience of being bullied or being a bully get in the way of your present life? 

We’d love to hear your story.  To apply, or nominate a friend or family member, please email us.

Your stories will help ignite a new conversation that looks at bullying from an adult perspective. Scars are like tattoos – they don’t fade away. Share your scar. Share your invisible tattoo. Share your story.





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