Tattoo You The Film

An Award-Winning Short Film


Based on the 2013 National 10-Minute Play Award Winner at The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, Lisa Kenner Grissom's Tattoo You tells the story of two women from the same town, yet with very different backgrounds, who re-connect in the bathroom at their 20th high school reunion. Their troubled past breaks the cool veneer of the present. Some scars don't fade away.


The Campaign

Tattoo You will help ignite a new conversation that looks at bullying from an adult perspective.  

Tattoo You will invite people from around the world to share their personal stories and experiences. 

Tattoo You is a narrative drama that has social relevance beyond the movie screen by offering: 

  • A different look at the issue of bullying from the adult perspective

  • A jumping off point for a broader discussion about the issue 

  • An opportunity to use the film as an educational tool to discuss how bullying affects people into adulthood, highlighting real stories of inspiration and empowerment

Awards and Recognition